ReSound Up accessories 

  • High signal-to-noise ratio from her first fit with the ReSound UniteTM Mini Microphone

In the past, the documented benefits of high signal-to-noise ratio were mostly reserved for school-age children.
Now, the ReSound Unite™ Mini Microphone gives you a simple, accessible way to provide maximum exposure to valuable speech and language input for children of all ages. Even infants. Additional wireless accessories provide even more exposure to language – and other benefits.

The ReSound Unite™ Mini Microphone

The Unite Mini Microphone increases signal-to-noise ratio with up to 21 dB and it’s appropriate for
children of all ages*. It has the potential to positively affect age-appropriate speech and language
development for many, many children, long before they start school.

*Verification of wireless (2.4GHz) transmitter with fully integrated hearing aid receivers, Imran Mulla & Sue Archbold and ReSound Unite™ Mini Microphone: Minimizing Noise for Maximum Understanding, Charlotte T. Jespersen & Mark Laureyns.

Maximum exposure to speech and language from the first fit

  • Signal-to-noise ratio up to 21 dB
  • Appropriate for all ages
  • Better communication in challenging situations
  • Strong, stable 2.4 Ghz connection
  • Small, light and affordable
  • Can complement or replace FM systems in schools

The ReSound Unite™ Phone Clip+

treams conversation, music and other audio from mobile phones and other Bluetooth devices.
Older children will appreciate easy mobile phone use – and being able to take their stereo-quality
music with them wherever they go. Just like their friends.

Help children connect

  • Easy conversation on smart phones and other Bluetooth-enabled phones
  • Switch automatically between music and talk
  • Strong, stable 2.4 Ghz connection
  • Works as a remote control for hearing aids

ReSound Control™ App

This free app works together with the Unite Phone Clip+ to turn a smartphone into a remote control.
Children can use it to adjust the volume on ReSound Up hearing aids and to change directly
from one program to another without toggling.

 Turns a smart phone into a discreet remote control
  • Adjusts volume and changes programs without toggling
  • Balances audio input between device microphones
  • Adjusts one microphone at a time or two simultaneously

The ReSound Unite™ TV

Sends speech and other sounds directly from TVs, stereos and other sound sources. Children
don’t have to wear additional devices, and they can hear and participate in conversations around

Audible entertainment at comfortable volume

  • No third device and nothing to wear around the neck
  • Access to ambient sound
  • Strong, stable 2.4 Ghz connection

FM receiver solutions

A choice of a small, integrated solution or an external universal FM receiver. Compatible with the most commonly used school FM systems.

Compatible with common FM systems

Choice of two solutions
Discreet integrated solution
FM boot for external receiver