“Your child has a hearing loss”

You may recently have received this message. And you may be wondering: Will my child be able to speak? Will my child make friends? Will my child live a normal, happy life?

The answer is “yes.”

Hearing aids or other amplification devices can help your child hear speech and other sounds amplified to the right level to compensate for their hearing loss.

And every word your child hears will help her communicate, take part in what’s going on around her and live up to her full potential.

How you can help

  • Participate in newborn hearing screening
  • Work with your child’s audiologist
  • Get hearing aids for your child (in some cases your audiologist might suggest a cochlear implant instead)
  • Make sure your child wears his hearing aids as many hours a day as possible.
  • Talk and play with your child a lot. It will help develop his speech and language skills.

ReSound Up

Here you can read about ReSound Up™ hearing aids and accessories for children.
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